Japanese Language Education Division


Japanese Language Programs

University-wide Japanese Language Program

1. Objective

The purpose of this program is to develop the Japanese language skills required for daily life and research activities at Nagoya University for international students enrolled at the university.

2. Course Eligibility

International students (undergraduate, graduate, and research students), special auditing students, special research students, and short-term international students at Nagoya University are eligible to enroll in courses. Other foreign researchers at Nagoya University who are deemed appropriate by the Director of the Center for Language Education may take the courses.

3. Course Availability

Spring Semester: April to August.
Fall Semester: October to February.

4. Class Structure

There are a total of seven levels of courses: three levels for beginners starting from zero, one level for elementary and intermediate, two levels for intermediate, and one level for advanced. In addition to these, there are classes available individually as electives. Prospective students take a placement test before the program begins and are placed in each course according to the results of the placement test. For more details, click here.

This is an overall image of classes in the program (*Days and times may vary).

Beginner and Intermediate Courses (3 times per week)

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

Zero Start Level

Japanese   Japanese Japanese  

First Half of Beginner Level

Japanese Japanese     Japanese

Second Half of Beginner Level

Japanese   Japanese   Japanese

Beginner-Intermediate Level

  Japanese   Japanese Japanese

Intermediate and Advanced Courses (by skill level, flexible choice from 5 sessions per week)

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
First Half of Intermediate Level
Listening Writing Grammar Conversation Reading
Second Half of Intermediate Level
Listening Writing Grammar Conversation Reading
Advanced Level
Listening Writing Grammar Conversation Reading

Elective Classes (14:45-16:15): Introductory Lectures (Multiculturalism, Japanese Classics, Japanese Literature, Japanese Communication, etc.)
Elective Classes (16:30-18:00): Grammar for Report Writing (Spring Semester), Presentation Skills (Fall Semester)

5. Class Capacity

In general, 30 people.

6. Registration

Applications will be accepted through the registration website in mid-March for the spring semester and in mid-September for the fall semester. Those who wish to enroll in the course must complete the registration procedures within the prescribed period. Those who fail to do so will not be allowed to take the course.

7. Course Director

Yuji Tawarayama (Associate Professor, Japanese Language Education Division, Language Education Center)
TEL: (052) 789-4704 (Laboratory)
E-mail: tawarayama.yuji.x6(@)f.mail.nagoya-u.ac.jp