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Training Course in Japanese Language

1. Outline

The Training Course in Japanese Language is intended for government-sponsored international students and teacher trainees recommended by embassies and universities who have no previous experience studying Japanese. The purpose of this course is to build a foundation of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills while performing self-expression activities in Japanese. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion.

2. Eligibility

Must be government-sponsored international students (Preparatory Education Program) recommended by embassies or universities, as well as teacher trainees.

3. Schedule

Classes are held for 15 weeks each semester.
  Spring Semester Fall Semester
Classes Beginning of April~Beginning of August Beginning of October~End of December
Beginning of January~Beginning of February
Summer/Winter Break Beginning of August~Mid-September End of December~Beginning of January
Graduation Ceremony Mid-September Beginning of March

4. Hourly Schedule

  Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 08:45~10:15 Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese
2 10:30~12:00 Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese
3 13:00~14:30     Supplementary Lessons Supplementary Lessons  
  Time Monday~Friday
1 08:45~10:15 Japanese
2 10:30~12:00 Japanese
  Time Wednesday・Thursday
3 13:00~14:30 Supplementary Lessons

*Modifications will be applied solely to eligible individuals. Days of the week are subject to potential changes.

5. Class Capacity

In general, 20 people.

6. Course materials

A New APPROACH TO ELEMENTARY Japanese, Vol.1 & Vol.2 (Koichi Nishiguchi)

7. Japanese Language Achievement Goals and Program

This course has set the achievement target at the A2 level of the CEFR and the N4 level of the JLPT. The specific achievement goals are shown in the table below.
  • ・Understand conversations and questions about familiar topics when spoken clearly.
  • ・Comprehend basic information, including numbers, time, simple instructions, and guidance.
  • ・Exchange ideas and information about familiar topics and effectively respond to questions.
  • ・Articulate personal habits, future plans, and experiences in spoken communication.
  • ・Develop the ability to deliver short presentations on topics directly related to oneself with practice.
  • ・Acquire the skill to read hiragana, katakana, and some kanji.
  • ・Comprehend texts on specific and familiar topics.
  • ・Demonstrate the ability to write about personal events and experiences.
  • ・Craft connected sentences using simple conjunctions.

8. Cultural Activities

This course may include educational trips and lessons in Japanese calligraphy to deepen students' understanding of Japanese culture.

9. Precautions

  • ・Procedures for enrolling in the course will be conducted at the orientation prior to the start of classes. The schedule will be sent separately to eligible students.
  • ・In addition to the Japanese Language Training Course, the Language Education Center also offers other Japanese language courses. Japanese government scholarship students who are recommended by embassies and universities and who have previously studied Japanese may take other courses depending on the results of the placement test. In such cases, an explanation will be given at the orientation meeting before the start of classes.
  • ・In principle, students are required to focus on Japanese language study and attend all classes during the Japanese language training course. If you have activities in your laboratory, you must consult with your academic advisor before taking the Japanese Language Training Course.
  • ・If you plan to leave Japan for a temporary visit to your home country during the Japanese Language Training Course, you must notify the coordinator and the Student Exchange Division.
  • ・If you must miss a class due to illness or other unavoidable reasons, please contact the coordinator in advance by e-mail.

10. Requests to academic advisors

This course is an intensive Japanese language course of 10 lessons (20 hours) per week. All classes are interrelated and attendance at all classes is a prerequisite for participation in the course. We ask for your cooperation. Failure to attend class or poor performance in class will result in failure to complete the course. Please take this into consideration.

11. Course Director

Chiharu Matsunami (Lecturer, Japanese Language Education Division, Language Education Center)
TEL: (052) 789-4895 (Laboratory)
E-mail: matsunami.chiharu.w1(@)f.mail.nagoya-u.ac.jp